Pt. Dr. Hitesh A. Modha, (D.E.H.M., Ayu.Ratna), the Astrologer and Vastu scientist.

He has inheritance knowledge of astrology and vastushashtra. He also learnt from great Jyotish Devgna. He has started making the horoscope since the 14 year of age. He is connected to Vastushashtra since the 27 years of age. Many magazines had published his articles about astrology in 1993-94.

He is the only Gujarati to attain the FIRST ALL INDIA SYMPOSIUM ON VASTU 1995 which was organized by Indian Council of Astrological Sciences. A Gujarati magazine “ABHIYAN” has appreciated him in 1996. Since then during his medical practice he made many research on vastu science, astrology, Ayurveda, Homoeopathy, Vedic-shatdarshan and yoga etc. now he is the counselor and Vastu-astrologer for many industrial groups. He has studied more than 25,000 horoscopes. He has gone for vastu, scientific study of the houses and shops, shopping-centre, apartments. Bungalows, factories about 5000 in figure. He doesn’t believe in publicity, though we friends made him to apply his knowledge fully professionally. Then he started "ISHAN" ASTRO VASTU CONSULTUNCY at PORBANDAR, GUJARAT (India), in 2006. after his consultancy he has get two GOLD MEDAL In vedic-astrology and Vashtushashtra with two degrees, one of "Arya-Jyotish Gaurav Award", and other "Vastu-Vidhyacharya" at 12/13 may 2008 By INDIAN ASTROLOGICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE INDIA. It is well honorable & biggest institute in India. for  Again Dr Hitesh Modha is first in Gujarat for two GOLD MEDAL AND TWO ACCADAMIC HONOUR WITH DEGREES. Now Dr.Hitesh Modha’s article on astrology n vastu publish in daily newspaper Jai-hind(it is leading newspaper in Saurashtra) and Akila evening newspaper. We didn’t find such good results of vastu and astrology by other then Dr MODHA.

Rather than this Dr Modha is the Good Poet, writer, and interior designer, very nice philosopher, psycho-counselor. In other words Dr Hitesh Modha is versatile person. We friends made him to launch this site. He strongly believes that during your troubles; just try to apply the Vedic-astrology and vastushashtra as EXCLUSIVE therapy, part of science. Never consider this as religious proposition or superstitious matter.

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