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A View of American Astrologer

"It has recently gained popularities in western countries (Europe) because of its accuracy in prediction event and major trends in our lives. VEDIC ASTROLOGY is excellent tool for helping us. It has understanding for our life purpose as well as for giving us specific time timetable for decisions, about career, finances, relationship, love, friendship, failure of business, marital problem, matrimonial problem, no cause sterilities, or delay of issue health, Spiritual growth and many problems are facing unknowingly to us in our lives. Because VEDIC ASTROLOGY based on sidereal zodiac which calculates the position of planets, according to observable astronomy”- Paul vagun A very popular astrologer of Celebrities in U.S.A. (we will take this Para in web page last or other.)

A View of B. V. RAMAN

Astrology is most ancient of all science. It is not a science like Mathematics Physics, Botany, Zoology, Chemistry, the study of which requires strict adherence to world’s conventionalities of commonsense reasoning and ordinary logic. Astrology comprehends something higher mysterious and subtle. It is not mere appeal to reasoning faculty of man but it is an appeal to his hidden powers and capacities, psychological probabilities. Which can make to …? Astrological Predictions cannot be simply based upon strict hypothetical principle or vague guesses but a certain amount of intuitive capacity must be brought to bear upon such attempts. The various rules given for future predictions are merely intended for our guidance and we must substantiate them by recourse to the study and examination of large number of practical horoscopes. Collect the horoscope of number of people all grades, ranks, temperaments and state of mind peculiarities and study them in the light of the principles enumerated in the following page. Astrology relies more upon the skill and intuitive capacities of the interpreter than upon complicated rules. It gives a sketch of life, it gives a sketch of human body and mind and its states, tendency, special abilities of individual, and special fortune to every individual by God. In other hand called gifted luck. It is mirror in which one’ own figure is clearly reflected. Astrology comprehend the manifestation of sort of relationship among all object in nature, animal, vegetable and mineral. It records in interaction of influences of all things, thing visible and invisible. While Ayurveda ranks as Upveda, JYOTISH-VEDIC ASTROLOGY ARE ONE OF THE VEDANGS IT CALLED EYE OF VEDS. It was not mere accident.

Various theories have been set up to discover the influences of planets upon the terrestrial phenomena. While some people admit to the intimate relationship that exists betwixt the movement of those “unexplained intelligences” in the heavens the fortunes and misfortunes of men rise and fall of empires, ebb and flow of human passion and the regeneration and degeneration of Arts, sciences, Literature and Philosophy, there are other who always deny the existence of any sort of connection between the stars and the inhabitants of this earth. This attitude is due to the fact that they do not approach the subject with an unbiased and unprejudiced mind. Dispassionate enquiry alone can enable one to...

Astrology is the science which comprises the foretelling of the regular movements of the planets, the fortunes and misfortune of men, fates of nations, inundation, earthquake, plagues, volcanic eruption, political changes, etc…