Medical Astrology

What is medical-astrology? What is Vedic-astrology-Ayurved? What is relationship? With A human attribute Tashir with personality’s traits with homeopathy?


Formerly I said that Vedic-astrology is finest science and mother of all science. In vedic age Vedic-astrology and Ayurved were co-education in Vedic University with various subject like Sthaptya-ved, Gandhrva-ved, Shat-darshan (A six various scripture of Vedic philosophy), Dhanurvidhya, (archery), Xatravidhya, after than the scholar was selected by him/her inner skill a particular faculty of these. But practice vise Vedic-astrology and Ayurved and Darshan were in association precisely. In other hand, that a vedic-astrologer was accomplished Ayurved physician.

This universe is made by five basic elements. PANCH-MAHABHUT like i.e. Akash(sky), Vayu(air), Agni(fire), Jal(water), Pruthavi(earth). It is not only a vedic philosophy, but an extreme truth for all human kind and total biology. All these elements are only found in this world together. Where all these elements are reciprocal, there biology is creates. It is basic crux of Vedic philosophy or seeds and modern science tells such this. A Human body made by these elements. That is why Vedic Maharshi have said “PINDE SO BRAHMHANDE TATHA BRAHMHANDE SO PINDE.” Means there are in body where are in universe. A human body is miniature form of this universe. According to Vedic philosophy all this five elements are imbalance by various ways, it develop physical & mental disposition. Always disposition are come from mind, physic, environments, society, this conclusion is clear on its face. Configurations of Planets in certain angular positions emanate certain forces or energies, which can imbalance of any elements of an individual by his planetary condition of his horoscope. Thus, bring out some certain disturbance in his physical or mental stage, each zodiac sign represents a certain part of body, glands, and it elements, each planets also indicates certain type of diseases.

The Vedic astrology is a relatively unchartered and extremely specialized field, by whose should be medical person. A physician can look at the Janma-kundli-birth chart of a person when he/she has born with certain Tashir-attribute, and peculiar potential weakness and strong ness. The Maharshi divided twelve houses of Janma-kundli in twelve parts of human-body with certain limbs and certain glands and with its peculiar elements of five elements- And 6th house of Janma-Kundli is disease and enemies, debt. It is relation with Muladhar-Chakra where three Nadi is together functional with nature-friendly. There are Nadi like i.e. Idda, Pingla, and Sushumna. A Modern divine healer of west said that, Solar-plexus, a function of Muladhar-chakra are, it make harmonious relations with Trigunatmak Tasir. Also Muladhar-Charka is governor of mental state, Natural probabilities for development, and integrated health. Every Janma-kundli determines that individual's state of mind and constitutions of body, Tasir (attribute), and probable disease and wellness. A Tasir like i.e. VATAJ, KAFJ, PITAJ, for physical level; SATVA, RAJAS, TAMAS, for mental level, are most prominent factor of treating of one’s body. Many ways are avail in Ayurved, how to discover individual’s Tasir, Vedic Astrology can identify Tasir by Janma-kundli and Avakahada-chakras on easy way. So it is useful tool to co-ordinate to Ayurvedic physician for discover of one’s Tasir.

A Virgo sign is positioned at 6th house of horoscope. Disease comes under sixth house, Virgo means Virgin, (In Sanskrit name Kanya means also Virgin girl). Most of Virgin word use for girl or woman. There has no sexual connection, in other norm it symbolize chastity & purities. A health is such like. A governor of Virgo is Mercury is represented one’s Intellectual state of mind & conductivities of nerves system and it has connectivity with spinal root. Virgo represents that part of human body are Muladhar-chakra Solar plexus, stomach, intestine, root of spinal cord. We can observe here both procedures like psycho to somatic & from somatic to psycho. Mind has tremendous influence on health, when it is free from agonies and distractions, health also unimpaired. It is scenario of total health, all therapist are agreed with it. Barely Ayurved believe that Somatic change can produce some mental agony or disposition. When vedic-astrology vise 6thhouse means stomach, intestine is disturbed by any ways. At the rear also Muladhar-chakra can disturb. When Muladhar-chakra disturb, it can be affected spinal-cord, and disturb all nerves locomotion via spinal-cord. It is simple terminology somatic to psycho. (Some times it can obstacle other function of human organ like pancreas, kidney, uterus, alimentary system) It is very deepest study with keen commitment; however we can try to comprehend here in very few words.

A Healthy body has a healthy mind. A healthy mind has a healthy body this maxim has a universal appeal.

Very few people know that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, (now we called Allopathy) and the all Allopathic physician take an oath from, said that no one should call himself a physician unless he/she was also an a astrologer; for no diagnosis could be made without the help of astrological information on the patient.

In Homoeopathy

The Janma-kundli (natal chart) exactly describes one's personality and attribute, potential internal conflicts, which can lead to imbalances. Hence, Vedic-astrology is powerful tool to explore individual’s personalities, and internal feelings.

The homeopathic philosophy based on human divinity with holistic approach so it is nearest to Vedic philosophy. Many criteria are equivalent with Vedic Shat-darshan by various paths.

The type of medicine practiced in 75 per cent of the rest of the world is homeopathy. It is a system of medicine that prescribes minuscule doses of such medicine as would produce in a healthy person the symptoms of the diseases treated. In other words, like cures like. A homeopathic physician, first of all, is holistic, recognizing from the outset that the human being is a combination of spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical formation. Secondly, the patient is a part of the healing procedure and plays a powerful and responsible part in his/her own healing process. Lastly, homeopathy, unlike allopathy, cures and heals. It has no adverse side effects, nor will it suppress the illness, as doe’s allopathic treatment.