New concept vedic-astro psychology

Not only the way of forecasting is important but also the way of prediction is worded and explained to individual is of equal significance. Vedic Astrology as a science has grown, with modification, amendment etc. it is obvious, to have such modification and developments, based individuals, streamline of the horoscope, present & environmental conditions, motivations, likes, dislikes and aspirations, so without disturbing the basic sanctity of theory of vedic astrology. I am in position to streamline and development the method to systematically, approach, the subject by the basic phenomena of human psychology and the alone would give the perfect answer of Vedic astrology.

The own concept of applied “Vedic Astro-psychology, illustrate a clear picture of the function pattern of the horoscope in sequences. It is the combination of astrological influence on the human mind in motivation and action. It is something unique we need to go for an in depth-study, analyzing by scientific approach to find out the result and effects as per the individual, keeping all the basic general rules aside. It is also important to check and analyze by specialized areas. The specialized areas are Strength of “Ascendant or LAGNA of horoscope, and its degree and strength of its lord planet. And moon sign and its lord planet...

The moon is most important planet for every individual as per position in horoscope. Ascendant or Lagna bhav 1st house of horoscope is most power tool identify to state of mind, physical constitution of individual. And 5th house of horoscope represent hidden probabilities of individual. For parents, it is most important factor to select the faculty of education for his child’s carrier. Hence, this criteria of astro-psychology; you can apply in our routine situation of life. Also I practice with this measurement of astro-phyco in medical term. We have gotten a successful result.

I noted many benefits of my regulars’ clients; it can help him to save the money and time. Also it can me assist to find out exact remedy for them. Some malefic disposition of individual represent disposition of planets of his horoscope. Also I correlate with individual’ disposition to horoscope of him.

Vedic-astro-psycho counseling, and Prayer therapy

What is Vedic Astrology based Psychological counseling?

Many therapies and way are available at present, for mental peace n increases strength of innerness. We explore a new therapy and new concept, It based on blending of dynamic psychology with Muditabhava from Vedic Yog—Darshan, we study one’ horoscope, and get what is her/him exact state of mind, after that we give a certain meditation with Prayer by him/her horoscope, in 7 sessions. In this therapy, we never advise or teach our clients, to inhibit him/her negative emotions.

A vedic-astrology can detect certain personalities by planetary angulated positions; can create some disposition in mind of individual. In vedic astrology, many remedy (Rituals) are available for malefic effect of certain position of Planate or its movements (transits). In that chapter; A vedic Maharshi written in his scripture that " a vedic astrologer should predict with deep Vichar-Vimarsh of individual' horoscope. Vichar means to think, but there is vichar means keen study of all stages of planets and individual, Vimarsh means advice with counseling. Sometimes Vichar-Vimarsh can be a Useful remedy for malefic effect for certain stages of mind and planets.

In other form, vichar-vimarsh is counseling of individual. Sometimes if some remedy can not effective, there an application of this theory can prove prominently. On this fact we work with on this base. Also work with Psycho-counselor in many cases. A horoscopes make detection of individual's state of mind, and, Also we explore client's dominate elements of Panch-Mahabhoot. Which is prime key factor of human body, mind and soul.

According to that element leads a one's progress and peace of mind and soul. Sometimes we found some disorders arise from disturbance of attribute like SATVA, RAJAS, and TAMAS It indicated basic state of mind. also at sometime some disorder could be by certain planetary movements. horoscopes make detection of individual's state of mind, and, we (psycho-therapist) suggest some remedy like; i.e. Personal counseling, hypno-therapy Prarthana, yoga, Mantra, Mudita, vedic meditations, Vedic ragas-vedic music and other various therapies of vedic-philosophy with modern psychology according to one's Attribute and horoscopy conditions with transits planetary movements A brief introduction of our psycho-therapist who work with Vedic-astrology.

This therapy is usefully for every individual. Application of Medical–Astrology for incurable disease. With Ayurveda or Homoeopathy, Psycho-Therapy, Astro-Psycho-Therapy, as per client’s choice .in medical astrology or psycho-astro, we detect your personality’s trait and Tasir, (Attribute) than find out the panacea medicine for your disease.

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