Our special service

We introduce for all over world, at first time.

The exclusive blending of vedic astrology and vedic vastushastra with modern – managements.

In This Service

  1. We study about your horoscope and we make Business’s horoscope, than study both horoscopes, and co-relate with native’s horoscope
  2. We study business or factory or project area by vedic vastu.
  3. We study present position of planets which are favorable for you and you’re managing staff and marketing criteria and you with keen study of your horoscope.
  4. We provide motivational therapy for staff & boss by learnt coach.
  5. We provide personal guidance as a friend, philosopher and adviser




  1. Astro shop for real gem and rudraksh, pendent and ring, gem for zodiac sign and our special pendent for any zodiacal sign for prosperities and progress, auspiciousness.
  2. Guidance of origin Vedic astrology with scientific approach.
  3. Explore your personality by vedic-astro-psychology and get more benefit for your-self.
  4. Origin Vedic astro - remedy for all.
  5. Distance remedy and Jyotihsiy-vidhi(rituals), all kind of Dharmik (karm-Skand) by Expert Pundit for Abroad Indian. Vidhi like
    1. Shrimad Bhagvat Kathamrut
    2. Pitru-dosh
    3. Vastu shanty & Gruh-pravesh
    4. Surkhsa-dashnami vidhi for evil spirit for whose Indian are in Africa
    5. Grah –Shanti for each Grah (two kind of vidhi are available)
    6. Santan-Gopal vidhi with Ayurvedic punsavan  vidhi ( A work with Ayurvedic physician )
    7. Our special & own researched vidhi    “Vivaho-samyte vidhi” for late marriage  and other matrimonial problems
    8. Our special Mantroukt vidhi for chronic disease; it is a blending with Ayurvedic treatment.
  6. We make new horoscope, we make match-making horoscope of bridle and groom, We offer to consulting of horoscope, Also we make horoscope of business and industries.
  7. Make new horoscope, study horoscope  and consultation of horoscope
  8. We make match-making horoscope of bridle and groom
  9. We make horoscope of business and industries.


  1. We make new plan for small house, shop, show-room, mall,   commercial centre, shopping complex, clinic, industrial shed, tenements, Farm house, Hotel, Motel, Restaurants, Hospital, Apartment, or any kind of, any design and construction by vastushashtra.
  1. We make re-arrangement, rectification and editing   in your   home, tenements, bungalow, farm house office, shop, house, apartment,   show-room, mall, commercial centre, shopping complex, apartment, bungalow, farm house, industrial-work shade, factory, garden and township, etc. by Vastushashtra without any alterations.
  1. Capsule guidance and remedy of Vastushashtra and Astrology, without alteration.

Fees and pay pal terms

  1. Horoscope- Consultation fees  FOR 1000 to 1800 INR, it is consultations charge for online (live chat) or by mail or telephonic.
  2. New making & Match-making and reading, consultation INR 2500.
  3. Vastu consultation fees according to premises and its kind, please contact us for fees.
  4. GEM- RUDRAKSH 50 US$ or INR 2500 onward
  5. For any Dharmik vidhi, Nivaran, vidhi for grah, any ritual fees, please  contact us

Bank account no HDFC Bank A/c No. 02741930002138


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