India has its own sciences of construction one of Sthapatya-Ved and second of Vastushashtra, since the Vedic age i.e. in other norms called vastukala or vastu. Now what exactly the vastushashtra, "IT IS AN ANCIENT ARCHITECTURAL & CONSTRUCTION SCIENCE BASED ON THE ASTROLOGICAL NORMS WITH PANCHMAHABHUTS (FIVE PRINCIPLE ELEMENTS)"

In Vedic age all the sciences is written in Shlok (aphorism) in poetic form in Sanskrit language concisely and vastushashtra is the science not superstition of religiousness, so each and every aphorism has taken time to be interpreted accurately.

It is discovered in 20000 B.C. i.e. the Vedic era till then no single change ever made in this science. This is the first and finest science. In Vedas, Puranas, Ramayana and Mahabharata have mentioned Vastu-science. Also “Matsya Puran” has mentioned 18 Maharshi who had the excellence n finest knowledge of astrological constructions & architecture. (Chap. II 2 to 4)

Vastu science is based on PANCH MAHABHUT (5 elements) i.e.(water),Vayu(air),Pruthvi(earth),Agni(fire),Aakash(sky),And certain geographic laws, with Vedic astrological. All these 5 elements need the proper balance among them. Those 18 Maharshi had discovered the balance and thus Vastu science came in picture.

ALL 18 Maharshi explored the building can affected to peculiar human limb of human body after long time staying in particular designed premise. They also discovered that All kind of Energies can absorb at building material (MASS), those energies can get injured human body by various diseases or various disorders, it may by mind or physically. On that way, after many year’s keen research, All Maharshi derivates a human body in building area. It human-body called by Vastu-Purush. A Myth of vastu-purush is different form it in some Indian text. Also All Maharshi gave importance to the selection of a site and the primary considerations are the nature of the slopes, colour and strength of the soil apart from the directions that the plot faces. All Maharshi used a great degree of precision in their measurements. The smallest unit mentioned is the paramanu or the atom. The angula and the hasta are the measurement units normally used for idols and buildings. The set of six formulae or Ayadivarga viz., the Aya, Vyaya, Yoni, Tithi, Vara and Nakshatra are prescribed to enable the builder to find the proper orientation and correct dimensions of his building. Thirty-two plans for construction are elaborated. These plans are also called Vastu Purush Mandalas beginning from the single cell(Square) Mandala known as the Sakala to the 1024-cell Mandala(Indrakanta ) altars and the for planning of small room to house n towns and cities. Other commonly used Mandalas are the 64-grid (Mandooka), the 100-grid (Asana) mainly implemented for temples, Prasad (Castle, palace), vihar (Rest house for pilgrims) and the 81-grid (Paramasyika) implemented for residential buildings. The centre point of the Mandala is called Brahmanabhi (Navel of vastu purush) A nucleus, The Vastu Mandala or grid is given importance not only for the structure but also for certain interior n exterior placement and daily activities. Vastushashtra is a well planed Structural science blend with Vedic-Astrological Norms in perfect manner. And its interior placement is set according to human body functions like anatomical expressions and on the mental level as tendencies of work.

When we go deep into the work of the ancient masters on Vastushashtra we will be convinced that Indian Maharshi had tremendous n keen knowledge about structural engineering with other science, Like Human–physiology, medicine, Astro-physics, geology, cosmology, molecule science of energies, and para-sciencces like human psychology, vedic- philosophy, and Let us now try to understand this.

Here we delineate the essence of this science.

Vastu Shashtra or vastu science is the science of constructions-architecture. In this, we consider the magnetic field of the earth and orbital movement, around the sun in the direction from east to west. Also the Planet’s energies and cosmic energies, derivate at geographical all sphere with its magnetic level. Not all these effects are always good so to get rid from them the science of vastu come in picture. There is continuous exchange of cosmic energy with the Natural energy of the earth. These are mainly the electro-magnetic, Hydro-currents, and radioactive reactions. And protect from various weather and its re-actions.

According to Veda and Vedic astrology, the world made up of five Principle elements like, Jal (water), Vayu (air), Pruthvi (earth), Agni (fire), Aakash (sky). Shows a clear picture of directions, Angles, planets, nature, colors, age, relations etc. there is a god Considerer to each planets of zodiac, directions and angles. This shows that there is stronge link between the vastushanshtra and Vedic-astrology. the vastushashtra is co-science of Vedic-astrology. They both have similar Concepts of cosmic energy and planetary effects. Therefore, we can give a new name "astro-vastu science" or "vastu-astro science".

When any premises built based on this science, the negative effects Of the planets and cosmic are neutralized and positive effects of planets and cosmic get multiplication in that premises. The law of energy conversion also applied over Here. I.e. Astrological energy-> cosmic energy -> gravitational energy ->thermal energy->wind energy-> magnetic energy-> hydro-current energy other form of Natural energies. All these energy are reciprocal in its function including including with transforming processing.

This is the non-stop cycle that keeps on working in conversion of energies.

Therefore, it is impossible to understand this science in few words. It needs the knowledge of general physics, astro physics and geology, human physiology, medical science. This science not based on any kind of hypothesis or any religious belief. The balanced positive energy works on the environment of the assets that formed on Vastu science. This also influence on the mind of the persons living in that environment.

The Vastushashtra gives the good health, wealth, comfort, emotionally pleasant, intellectual satisfaction, and enhancement of creative thinking ,problem solving abilities, positive thoughts, decision power, consciousness of spiritual level (what is our spiritual level?) and ultimately the peace of mind, ascending voyage from soul to Para-soul. Now what else the man needs!

Why is Vastu science essential?

Every thing is made up of basic five elements- like fire, water, earth, space, and air. All these elements are only found on earth that is why only planets that supports life and nature.

A brief philosophy from Vedas:

Universe is one of the beautiful creations of nature and everything stands alive only in the limelight of truth. Just like every human aspect is governed with rules, regulations and acts, similarly the nature has also got certain key factor principles for smooth governing of its residents in which vastushashtra stands for nature law. Vastushashtra is an inherent energy concept of science. We all know that “the knowledge of mind is called science and beyond the knowledge of mind is called spiritualities.” Hence vastushashtra is only science but it is a bridge of between man and nature. Healthy tuning of between nature and man. According to Vedic philosophy when “JIVA become SHIVA” by natural ways. Vastushashtra helps you to lead a blissful and blessed life. And go in to higher spiritualities, like next to nature. It would be a wonderful experience, A healthy tuning of nature with your –self. TOTAL UNIVERSE IS in velocity by order of some extent laws of nature. Universe made by five principle elements. This is creation of odd force. And all planets are constant transit around the sun, and sun and all constellations are constant move own orbital area, by certain velocity. Hence all energy generates force through movements of total universe. And all energy absorbed in mass (matter), than matter relies the energy. The energy is flowing eternal. It can not ever stop.

Ref: original Text:

  1. Sthapatya-Ved
  2. Bhrugu Shilp-Sanhita
  3. Vishvakarma-Prakash
  4. Bruhad-Sanhita
  5. Mayamatam


  1. Vastu : A Sanskrit word it derivate from 'VAS'—to stay, reside,-- home,-- premises,-- A Premises built by earthen-Brick -- At present In Hindi Building
  2. Vastu-kala or Vastu Vidhya : science of structural & construction design
  3. Kala : Art, creative skill on vocational
  4. Vidhya : Entitle with Education of certain faculty
  5. Shashtra : it is Sanskrit word, it derivate from origin “Shas’- scripture of totalality of knowledge or of definite science, like i.e. medical-science, technological science, astronomy etc
  6. Shlok : It is Sanskrit word, aphorism, 4 lined stanza or quatrain,-- A four lined stanza with Anustup prose—a specific rhythm of singing of Vedic music
  7. Maharshi : (no exact synonymous in English n other language) the greatest sage,-- A person who has knowledge of All sciences,-- scientist + spiritualist = Maharshi.
  8. Matsya-Puran : one of 18 purans, (all 18 purans has written by Sage Ved Vyas) -Puran means Grand scripture of Mythology, - relation with the oldest age
  9. Angula : a thumb – measurement unit
  10. Hasta : hand – measurement unit
  11. Mandal : province--division—an organized group
  12. Purus : man –human being
  13. Brahm : the supreme of total universe—ether --basic element
  14. Para-science : a finest SCIENCE Beyond present SCIENCE
  15. Vastu-dosh : geopathic-stress – it give a malefic effect n uneasiness in certain designed house
  16. Panch-Mahabhoot : panch = five; mahabhoot = origin elements

What are origin contents of vastu-shashtra?

Characteristics of land and constructions.

  1. And its design of structure by vastu padam-vinyas
  2. And variations of Padam-vinyas Nirman Yojana
  3. Classification of land
  4. Selection of construction
  5. Selections of Vastu-Mandal
    1. Design of classical vastushashtra
    2. Some certain plan n design of some special premises e.g. palace, Ayurvedic pharmacy, Sal-Vastu for Industries and factory, Vidhyapith (Educational institute and school collage and hostel) Xetrapal-vastu for farm & farm-house, gardens. And many more.
  6. Selection of location by Zodiacal sign
  7. Selection of Direction by Zodiacal sign
  8. Certain measurements of different premises.
  9. Category of premises.
  10. Position of directions n different angle.
  13. Story of Vastu-Purush or Vastu-dev. Who is the Vastu-Purush exactly?
  14. Zodiacal houses
  15. Significance of shape
  16. Significance of Corner
  17. Significance of Central Area of any premises or locations
  18. Interior placement by vastu norms and astrological norms.
  19. Selections of colors according to face of premises.
  20. What is the Vastu-Dosh and Vastu-Vedh Exactly?

It is Need to Widespread Application OF VASTU-SCIENCE Today

Vastu Shashtra can be used not only for individual houses but also for group-housing schemes and town planning. Our Maharshi have provided us with wonderful knowledge about planning and construction and we need to discipline our senses to make use of this knowledge for the betterment of mankind at large.

Vastu can provide us all the vital information required to make our lives healthy and peaceful. The fundamental Vastu plan includes the modern spaciousness, the verandahs open to the sky lawns, various rooms, kitchen, bath etc.

Industries, offices, shops, business complexes can all benefit by the application of the fundamental Vastu rules.

It is unfortunate that the town planners of today have absolutely no knowledge or inclination to take the assistance of the science of Vastu. The growth of cities is totally unplanned and congestion, lack of basic sanitation and total negligence of the aspect of symmetry and beauty are to be seen everywhere.

The planning of houses on the micro level and of towns on the macro level are the finest traits of human civilization one can think of. If only our people and the town planners made use of the principles of architecture as lay down by our Maharshi, this earth would be a better place to

When and how malefic impact in the house? In other norms, when get us Vastu-dosh?

By astrological point of view the 9 planets influence the human body as well as his home and his atmosphere. Each and every planet has the path to affect the home in a perfect manner. Any false construction or disarrangement or inimical placement in any construction produce the negative energy. This energy along with the horoscopy energy affects the human being in his sub planetary age or for certain period. This can disturb his health, wealth, family relations, matrimonial and marital life, his career, education, progress and etc. it can also produce the political problems. It is not necessary that it only affects the main person of the family; it can affect any person related to that home (mainly sensitive and close or first degree relatives). In vastu science terminology it’s called VASTUDOSH and VASTUVEDH.

Do you have any problem? Or are you suffering from never ending troubles?

Just check your home, bungalows, apartment, tenements, farm-house, farms, school, collage, hostel, temple, convents, office, industrial sheds, factory, hospital, mall, or other any kind of premises for any VASTUDOSH.