Vedic Astrology

No science or art is more interesting, instructive or useful to mankind in contributing to his moral and material advancement than the sublime science of Astrology. This is the most ancient of all science and had reached considerable perfection in India thousands of years ago.

Vedic Astrology is science?

Yes, It is sure science greatly for long periods of their age by various tool that available in that time (10000 yr ago).than established certain rules of astronomy and founded 27 constellation( a bunch of stars)explore the one most important rule or truth; that sun is star and all stars is static in own place of cosmos. Only planets are traveling around the sun by gravitational force. (Ref: VEDAS)

Indian Vedic astrology is eye of VEDA. An Indian astrology is not only the logic of stars but it is the predictive science on the basis of planetary movement. Indian Maharshi explored the theory of panch mahabhoot-5 elements. The sun, the stars, and planets get birth in nebulous nature. Then the ethereal nature produced the 5 elements.

According to the basic principle of Vedic astrology, all animate and inanimate are internally associated by atomic theory. And they also influence all among them depending on their movements. E.g. the sun not only brings the changes of the seasons but also purifies the water-environments & helps the seeds to grow, flowers to bloom. Moons of the planets also produce the attractive force to the parent planet. There is an obvious example of the moon, which greatly affects the water content of the oceans. If planetary system can change the flows of water in the ocean, it certainly affects an individual.

Astrology is called Vedic-Jyotish in Indian tradition. Jyotish exactly means light of god or path to fulfillment of desire. It is also called ‘eyes of Ved.’as it enables us to see our past and future. In other norms in vedic-Jyotish; application of heavenly bodies. These heavenly bodies have great influence on our life. These heavenly bodies are called Planets (grahas). According to my scientifically view palents are not heavenly bodies, its only parts of cosmology or sub- division of organization of entire universe. The positions of planets are calculated by vedic-astrological rules & mathematics and are mapped in the form of a horoscope. Their specific locations in the horoscope indicate specific happening in the case of individuals and multitude. Variations in their disposition determine variation in the event in one’s life.

In Vedic Astrology

Maharshi of ancient India divided the sky in 12 parts. It’s called by zodiac sign. Every zodiac sign made by 2.1/4 constellation (bunch of certain star).Maharshi proved that there is no beginning or no end of cosmos .So they established an astronomical point. The first point of Aswini the first constellation synchronizes with the point of Aries, which is the starting point of the fixed zodiac. Each constellation measure 13.20 degree of arc and consist of four quarters (pada) 3.20 degree each. Thus 2.1/4 constellation or nine quarters comprise a zodiacal sign. On this basis Maharshi created the Horoscope. It is simply plan of division of the sky in 12 houses. It is representing an accurate picture of the positions of the planet and the star at the time at which the child born or at any particular moments. Every house has own significance to predict to individual.

These are twelve house is our Astral body. Maharshi divided human body in various 12 limbs and same as divided total life of individual and various situation of life and total biology and animate & inanimate in 12 portion by various elements, various sign, and planets.

On that way Maharshi went to deepest in this science by mathematical and geographical to what is exact to predict for human kind. also Maharshi discovered certain and unchangeable peculiarities such as; gender, direction, Exaltations & Debilitations (for planets only), Beneficial & Malefic effects (for planets only) colors, caste, relationship like friendship or enmity, special nature (SATVA, RAJAS, TAMAS), gifted arts, intelligence, state of mind, and personalities of every zodiacal sign and its every planets who rulings own zodiacal sign. And same way Maharshi proved that each sign and each planet represents some elements in nature, such as air, fire, earth, water and space-sky.

This detail would be highly useful in the delineation situation of life, character and mental disposition.